Video Marketing

Boost your website traffic through our professional video marketing services

Video marketing is a most popular and preferred tool for online promotion. Video has long-lasting effect on people’s memory. People love to watch a video and prefer it over and over. The marketing is done by creating unique and attractive videos for promoting products and services. To gain high popularity in the digital space, it is one of the important marketing tools.

Videos lead to high conversion rate and high online visibility. It engages three times more customer than traditional marketing methods. It is one of the most recommended methods to engage large volume of customers. Scorsh itself understand the potential of video marketing thus brings video promotion services. We understand the need of your business hence provides best service at reasonable price.

Why is video marketing so important?

  • Grab attention easily
  • In search raking, it is one of the most preferred media of advertisement
  • Improves website conversion rate
  • Enhance brand value and customer responsibility
  • The highly cost-effective method as compare to others
  • Video traffic contributes 80% of consumer internet traffic

Our team has expertise in script writing, pre-production, onsite shot consultation, designing, video graphics, editing, filming, SEO videos, YouTube marketing and so on.  Our professionals have experienced more than a decade in film production, content creation, video marketing etc. We provide all services related to the digital marketing.

Our services include

  • YouTube Intros
  • Promotional ads
  • Animated slide shows
  • Video announcement
  • Corporate video production
  • Photography
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Performance monitoring

We use video marketing tools in five different ways

  • Product explainer video
  • Website heroes
  • Landing page
  • Blog article
  • Webinars

We implement following strategies

Published schedule

We prepare a timely schedule for promoting videos on different social media platform. Like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. we prepare a solid foundation before implementing any strategy. We use focused and timely approach for promoting goods and services.

Short and precise videos

We create micro videos which can easily be shared on Instagram, twitter etc. Consumers are able to view those videos without much waste of time. This way, your brand is actually seen and remembered by the customer.

Tutorial videos

For example, if you are having a salon then styling tips video can be created to promote your brand. It is an indirect and influential way to promote the brands. From time to time we publish tutorial videos to promote your product or service.

Customer generated content

We use unique strategy like we invite customer to submit the video that showcases your product. Here user generated content is used hence it has high impact on prospective customers.

Call to action

We use it to improve the conversion rate on your website.

Why choose us

  • Custom video channel creation
  • Affordable video marketing services
  • Free video marketing
  • Proven results
  • Free monthly reports
  • Tailored video marketing services
  • Web and mobile ready videos

Our professional video designers provide HD video quality services. Videos are the most effective form of communication. We take full responsibility to improve your brand visibility through good quality engaging videos.