You always get for what you pay is something applied to the right Digital marketing approach like SEO, PPC, and SMM.

SEO Expert Jaipur: Being an SEO expert Jaipur, I have plenty of things to explain about digital marketing awareness and that I express as well in my scorsh blog. I want people to be aware of why and for what they’re spending their hard-earned cash.

Many make a mistake while choosing the right SEO expert in Jaipur. Certainly, I have something to explain here.

I don’t need to tell you guys, How does SEO work, you can read more about here in search engine optimization.

SEO Expert Jaipur
SEO Expert Jaipur

now the question comes, What I’ll do for your business website to improve its rank position online?

SEO Expert Jaipur: SEO Process

– First thing first, I audit a website which takes me a couple of hours (People charge for an SEO audit but SEO Analysis is absolutely free at Scorsh.

– I analyze your website technically and logically so that you won’t face any difficulties even converting your traffic once you started getting traffic after SEO. I mostly concentrate on Basic to advance SEO aspects such as website code, content, link audit along with user experience and funnel path analysis.

– I create a list of actions that need to be taken once I start doing SEO. I also send the list to you so that you check it out yourself. Meanwhile, I go and research your best business intent keywords which have definitely monthly traffic or searches.

– Once we finalized our keywords, I start optimizing your content and your other SEO thing simultaneously. You will get a report before and after of your website optimization. It can take me a few days to a week or two to do On-Page SEO depending on your number of pages, content and another workload within the website.

– After a few days of on-page, I’ll start your Off-page and link building campaign. A foundation and base link building can take up to 15 -30 days and even more.

SEO Freelancer in Jaipur: Reporting

– Every time a new activity will be done, you will get a report for that so that you check the work progress and my work quality.

-SEO is a long term strategy and can be achieved by regular practice and hence I suggest you run your SEO campaign at least for a couple of months…After the first few months, it has been observed solid fluctuations in rank positions of search terms. Which literally settle down after getting some authority as power. Or in simple work, the capacity to rank a search term.

A couple of things to know Before hiring an SEO Expert in Jaipur:

Search engine optimization is a long terms process. No one can give you even an exact time for rank. The moral of the concept is getting Authrotative within your market and category. Or in simple work as a brand.

Once you will become brand you don’t need to create the market trust and becoming a brand a right digital marketing strategy can help you a lot. If you’re opting an SEO freelancer in Jaipur or anywhere, make sure you check out the roadmap they follow and the things they have done earlier.

I have a proven set of strategies that I have applied to my business website as well as to many clients in several niches (categories) and I think if it’s working for me, surely it will work for you too.

Want to know more about SEO? check out this SEO common questions page. Get started with this SEO expert Jaipur today.