SEO Agency Level Audits and the way to do it in 2019

What is SEO Audit in 2019?

SEO audit and analysis is something where you figure out your search engine status of your website with the aim to find out the errors, recommendations for a website.

SEO audit may consist of several steps where the time taken by it is directly proportional to the size of that SEO project.

Do you really need to do an SEO audit? if Yes, When?

Analysis of your business:

That’s the question arises when you’re not achieving results via SEO even after performing several steps to get shown in the top of SERPs.This is the very first step where we try to uncover the cause where the whole system is working actually to get ranked?

We try to find out if connected platforms and technical things are lined up in a way to get the most accurate results. SEO is something depends on the business and can be influenced by this brief analysis.

Analyzing your business keywords:

In this step, we try to find out if the existing setup ranking keywords worth boosting? if yes, we take a step ahead to add more hidden and untapped keywords. Often time people do mistakes choosing the right keywords and keywords strategy for search engine optimization. If you have the right keywords, you are in a win-win situation.

If you’re a new business and haven’t decided your keywords, we can help you out doing this thing. That’s we can wrap up your keywords according to the competitor’s data and business analysis. It is said that we periodically need to check our tracking tools like Google webmaster in case we; ‘re missing some opportunities to get more untapped keywords in the existing content or via new page.

Business Competitors or Competition Analysis

We also dive into competitors data since they’re at top of the page which we may want to rank, right?
Isn’t that great idea if you get a pot of hot engaging keywords in a few simple steps? or even the idea?

Competitors data also talks about Link building opportunities and that’s a major one to decide your rank. We try to find out the gaps between. And fill things with the force and equal power.

Website’s Technical Analysis:

This is the very first steps sometimes we do. For example, if you have to cook something within 1 hour, you have everything like raw vegetables, masalas, etc. You also have a cookware set but it’s broken. how can you even think of cooking the dish?
Likewise, your front face is website and if that has some technical error, you’re not going to pass the first level of optimization.

We have several steps to do technical analysis. We audit the website and find out if the website has page load issues via Google page speed insight. Website server load issue, Code errors, mobile device friendly, keyword Cannibalization, redirection, broken link issue, duplicate content/meta tags, URL structure, favicon, internal linking.

Content Analysis:

In this process, we try to find out multiple things: If the page has a better length of words. Is your content worth reading or informative? Do you think you would share this content? Grammar mistakes, duplicate content issues, etc.
Simultaneously we try to figure out in-content optimization. The Tags practices, keyword placements, LSIs placement, URL structure, and 12+ more factors.

User Experience Audit:

We make sure if the visitors are getting engaged and get what they came for. This is something related to conversion rate optimization. we examine user behavior where they are jumping in and exiting the page. We also examine the page design, content placement for better engagement.

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