PPC Service in India – Do You Actually Need this?

You’re on this page means probably you’re looking for most reliable PPC service in India. Before getting into PPC services, I’ll try to break down a couple of things for the people who don’t have an idea of how a PPC service in India works or how a PPC expert can help you get things done.

PPC Service in India
PPC Service in India

What is PPC Services?

PPC stands for Pay per click means you pay when someone clicks your ads. PPC is a paid marketing technique, means you need to pay to platforms like Google and Facebook for placing your website’s ads.

How PPC is different from SEO?

PPC is paid advertising method to get your ads visible with the purpose to land traffic to your website on demand while SEO is long term process where you don’t pay to the platforms for ads, you just optimize your website according to search engines guidelines to get ranked in SERP.

  • PPC is almost instant traffic generation method while earning traffic from search engines from the methods like SEO may take longer time.
  • PPC can be done for a search engine, for example, Google or social platforms like, Facebook. But SEO can only be done for search engines visibility

So, the prime goal is traffic to get leads, right? Meanwhile, you may want to check Search engine ranking services.

why you actually need PPC?

You get traffic on demand, doesn’t matter what business you deal with.

  • You can get laser targeted traffic and leads when you’re sleeping from the very 1st day you start.
  • You get a lot of targeting options when comes to it, like Text (search) advertising, Display advertising, social media advertising.
  • You can set an ad as according to your target audience, demographics, product/services demand, choice, age groups and much more.

Why start with a PPC Service in India? and How we generally start?

When PPC comes through, people always think about Google Adwords. That’s not true. Anywhere you pay for a click is PPC.

  • We first analyze your business and check out the traffic gaps and growth opportunities that’s where you’re lacking. For example, if you have a cloth store you want to promote and you’re not using the platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you’re missing a lot of traffic. So, we do this for your business and tell you everything. We also try to make you understand why you should opt for that.
  • We have a team of expert people who knows how to set up a proper ad. They have an idea about copywriting, ads placement according to niche, maintaining CTR (Click through rate), improve ads score to decrease ads spend while maintaining clicks.

What kind of services you can expect?

A managed and optimized PPC campaigns can generate 200%-400% or even more of your investment (Depends on the platform). So, we can set up a PPC campaign for you and map everything to make sure everything goes accordingly.

What is the cost structure of PPC service in India?

As a leading PPC service in India, our charges are that simple.

  • We charge Rs 5997 as One-time campaign set up fee including first-month management.
  • And Rs 3997 per month as the campaign management fee.

If you have any specific instructions, please let us know before setting up your PPC campaigns.

You probably have tried out everything yourself or have taken other services as well and got nothing like the results. Don’t bother, we can help you, just get started with us today.

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