Pay Per Click

PPC refers to Pay per click. It is the most popular online advertising tool. It is adapted to generate clicks on your website, to gain traffic and to improve the visibility. Millions of business across the globe is using PPC to reach the top of the echelon that is Google top ranking. It is the foundation stone of brand visibility. Whenever you see the yellow color ad on Google page, it is shown due to PPC. Every time customer clicks on those ads, owner pays for per click to the Google.

Affordable PPC Management services

Every search engine is selling the space for advertising and business is willing to pay to get on the top. We at Scorsh provide Pay per click management services at affordable price. We understand the business needs and with our expertise, we can effectively manage PPC campaign. One cannot manage PPC alone, you need expertise. You are at the right place if you are seeking for PPC services to grow the business.

Our Pay Per Click services includes

Free PPC Audit

To discover specific areas of development, we conduct the regular audit. We provide account performance report through audit checks. Our audit tool reviews negative keywords and saves your money. We conduct audit review to increase quality score and CTR, to optimize keywords, landing page optimization etc.

Bid Management

The most crucial part of PPC is to manage bid. Many people failed to manage bid and are dependent on the free automated tool of Google.  To get competitive advantage bid management is important and need to be tackled by the professional person. Our bid management experts perform bid efficiently in the least possible budget.

Ad creation

The PPC ad needs to be attractive, influential and should contain target keywords. Our team of experts refine ad text, optimize keyword, use the call to action phrases, descriptive headlines and does creative writing and copywriting.

Display advertising

We conduct display advertising to reach the target audience.

Goole AdWords

We will provide you a full-time AdWords expert who will specifically work on each keyword. You don’t need to pay extra for this.

Remarketing and retargeting

To improve return on investment we use remarketing and retargeting tools. We raise sales in fewer budgets through PPC campaigns.

Benefits you get from our custom PPC campaign

  • We will create PPC campaign to drive quality traffic to your website at the lowest cost.
  • We are specialized in performing campaigns in your budget and generate more value by reducing wasteful PPC spending.
  • Our services are designed to get a good quality score for the client. We focus on getting better ad position at the lower cost per click bid.
  • Our team of PPC experts will replace negative keywords with high commercial intent keywords.
  • Our campaigns are driven effectively and efficiently to achieve high ROI.

We will set up a PPC account, create a campaign, manage a campaign, target keyword, review account and take actions. Contact us today, if you want to start PPC advertising within your budget.