Google Ads expert in Jaipur: A Google AdWords or Google ads expert is the same thing as Google Adwords is now google ads. Some people call this google PPC which is actually right to say. PPC stands for Pay Per Click.

In google ads PPC, an Google ads expert in scorsh creates an ad campaign for you via paid methods. Means you pay for the clicks you get for your business.

In simple words, Google ads and SEO (search engine optimization) is not the same thing. The motive is the same but price and time differ to achieve results (traffic). SEO is a free method where you don’t need to pay Google to list your website in organic results but in the case of Google PPC, you bid for keywords (search terms) for which you want your website to be shown to your target audience

Google ads can be set by an individual as well if he/she is aware of ads guideline and very importantly knows the way to optimize ads campaign to reduce cost per click and maximize clicks at the same time.

How is it possible?

Yes, maximizing your clicks and paying less is Possible in Google Ads or any other PPC campaign. In this case, let me tell you what I actually do get the same results. Interesting! right?
Well, First thing first I’ll discuss your business and budget to predict the maximum opportunities. It’s very important for us to know about these details.

Google Adwords Expert in Jaipur
Google Ads Expert in Jaipur

How Google Ads Expert in Jaipur Approaches The Work?

  • I’ll analyze your business data and create a set of keywords. This step also includes data analysis from our competitors if available.
  • Now, the time is to create a landing page for your ad campaign. if you already have a website, you can run your ads on it but, it must comply with Google ads guidelines. You can create your landing page with other necessary (mandatory pages) for ads. Once you have your landing page ready, my work is to make it qualify for the Great Landing page experience.
  • In this step, I’ll do some reverse engineering with some secret sauce to make your ads complies with guidelines and also great for user interaction. I’ll also try to make it top-notch in order to get a high Click rate with reduced cost.
  • Once you started getting clicks, it’s time to optimize it and avoid negative keywords along with another campaign setting. This process will be done on an almost daily basis.

In most of the cases, I send the report at the end of each month but in case you need an instant report, I’ll send on demand.

If you’re wondering about the difference between Search engine optimization and Pay Per Clicks ads campaign, a piece of brief information is given already.

also, If you don’t know anything about Google ads and want expert advice in Jaipur, India. Call me at +919122593831 for more details. I’ll try to answer you.