Content Marketing Strategies for 2019 – What’s New?

Earlier internet searches were only made by some high profile and dignified companies during their peak work hours. But now the world the changing, INTERNET USER is changing.

People now dig deep into the content to search for personalized and relevant information. Searches are not just being made by corporate people but they have turned to be more personal and demand good content for “to-the-point” answer. They want an in-depth answer to their question which makes it a compulsion for the websites to not only have organized information which could be easily interpreted by the user.

Content Marketing Strategies for 2019
Content Marketing Strategies for 2019
Needless to mention that content marketing has become the king of digital marketing strategies in the past year.

Good content actually works attracting numerous visitors to your website. Visitors from the internet searches can become your potential customers as they are the ones who are in actual need of the product. Content marketing is the most apt way to establish trust among your targeted users by providing relevant as well as compelling information to the user for free.

Your consistency in content publishing can lead to many users directed to your website eventually you can funnel them to become your customers.

Try to write long posts offering more value:

Length of the content plays a pivotal role in ranking of your website. Generally blog posts of websites range from 600 to 1000 words which is a minimum criteria to be satisfied. Content should be longer because more the number of words, more in-depth information it would contain and more deep and informative the content is, the more probable it becomes for your website to rank higher. So try to write length posts which may go up to 2500 words or even more.

The time and efforts you invest in writing a good and long post would surely be justified by your user behavior. You will find more user diversion to you website and more user engagement inquiring about your product.

Consistent posting is the key to success:

The demand for content is increasing on high pace which requires companies to post something valuable and entertaining on a periodic basis. Studies have found that websites who keep on publishing consistently receive huge traffic than others. This might seem something implausible to many but this is what market trends have shown in the past. You need to invest a little more time and manpower to make sure that your website is updated frequently with the relevant content for your target audience.

Know your audience and their behavior:

Generally many website owners make this mistake of targeting volumes of users. But instead of hunting for all, try to hunt for such an audience which is actually interested in your product or service. Know your target audience and then analyze their behavior. Before mapping your content plans, try to dig deep in your marketing analysis to know more about your how your audience looks like and what kind of content they are carving for.

You can make good study on the comments on your posts, examine behavior of your social media followers, have a talk to your customers, or conduct various surveys to know customer feedback. All in all, know your target audience and don’t run for masses. 

Before publishing anything ask yourself, “is the content satisfactory enough to answer questions of your target audience?” Explore your audience behavior thoroughly and make sure to write something which is of interest to your audience. Your content shouldn’t be abstract just to attract traffic but it should be something which illuminates the subject and is an apt answer to user’s question.

Invest in design and architecture:

Your content might divert a huge section of traffic on your website but the design and architecture of the page also plays a major role. Organized and structured designs always tend to tempt user to stay longer on your page without bouncing back. Use heading tags and listing methods like bullet points to give smashing architecture to your content.

Use H1 tags for main heading of the article.

H2 tags for sub-heading of the article.

And H3 headings to mention other important and short details which should be noticed by the user.

Many studies on user behavior indicate that a very few users read entire paragraphs and most of them jump to the highlighted bullet points or short paragraphs. So try to highlight your main keywords and unique content of the article which helps in driving user’s attention to scan down the entire page and hence increasing on-page time of the reader.

More Personalized content:

Market trends and various studies show that personalization of content would be the major factor of your content publicity. But this requires your knowledge about your audience cause the more you know your audience, the more likely you are to do one-on-one marketing.

Personalized marketing attracts customer indulgence and establishes trust among them. It is kind of making your content to communicate with each of your users by delivering them with personalized messages. Users are tired of the generic information available vastly on the internet so they need to be addressed individually which requires more focus on targeted campaigns and personalized information.

It helps to improve customer experience on your portal, keeps them engaged, enhance your brand’s loyalty and ultimately generating more revenue.

Periodically measure your implemented content marketing plans:

Don’t forget to monitor your own performance. Keep a strict eye to notice if your marketing strategies are working well to drive enough traffic to your website. You can use many tools like Google Analytics and many more to accomplish your monitoring process.

It is high time to burst the bubble that nobody reads whatever you publish. See the reality, today’s user is becoming smart and is more focused on getting significant answers rather than picking up unnecessary raw data. Companies need to brush up their content marketing strategies in 2019 to prove themselves more compelling than their competitors. Spend some time with your marketing team to test and review if your marketing plans are working in the right direction or not.

Embrace the changes and gear up in the direction to deliver noteworthy content to the user and beat your competitors. Check SEO Services in Delhi now.

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